Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Training the Imagination

‘La piedra Degetau’ is a perfect setting for this exercise for it was what came to my mind when reading the “Training the Imagination”. It is place of beauty located in Aibonito, Puerto Rico, on top of a mountain. From which you can see the gorgeous ‘Cordillera’, a group of mountains that cross the center of Puerto Rico. So here it is…

It is in the country side resting on top of a mountain that is sister to a large group of other mountains that salute her from the distance. It is late and night is upon us while the fog is ready to cover us like a soft white blanket. There is a looking post made of wood created for those who wish to look beyond. Around it between beautiful gardens full of native trees, palm trees, bushes, flowers called “Miramelindas”, and a playground there are small cottages scattered trough out the mountain top. These little cottages are the entrance to other worlds and a place for visitors to stay a while and have a rest or maybe a good place to retire from the real world that surrounds the mountain. I see the ‘Miramelindas’ flowers looking gorgeous with their bright colors happy to exist in a magical place like this one. The air is cold but refreshing as it is always during this season. But this place carries something different. It is inspiration! An invitation to come every time your inner writer desires. For inspiration is in everything you see in here. Is every mountain you look from the looking post for in each of them lays the realm of a writer.
So with sadness I depart knowing that I will be back to create a new mountain in that endless chain of ‘La Cordillera’.

Alexandra Román


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