Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mining for Scrap

Today is Saturday 19th Feb 2005
This is a mining story with a twist
On Friday I typed up a list of the materials listed
by Heather for the school kids projects.
I put each list in a clear sheet proof collector A4 envelope
And thought hard who would be good candiates for collecting items from.................
Who has un tapped boxes stored in garages
Who never throws out anything even ribbon ties and wrapping paper
Who lives just around my corner and can pop in at any time
Who will part with nice odds and ends
Who is not too sentimental about old beads and buttons
Who has time to spend a few hours in fossicking for said items
The answer I found within myself is that each person is in some way maybe hanging on too long to the past as I myself did, but now I find that giving away possessions brings me joy and the recipient pleasure and it is great to be able to reycle such I popped my reguests into their letter boxes.....and TODAY
I have had 3 visitors with bags of goodies and more to come
So although I was going to mow the lawns (it didn't get done)
It turned out a a good day for welcome gifts ...
So one really needs only to ask and if the request is not too difficult then little miracles happen.

Lois (Muse of the Sea)


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