Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Of Silence

this is a 'list poem' -- meaning that
it started with a list of thoughts on a theme,
then was expanded into a complete poem.
The assigned theme was, "I thought I heard."
I took some liberties ...


The Space of Silence

I thought I heard a sock escaping from the drawer,
and the drapes battle vainly with the sun.
I thought I heard bread molding in the box
and ice cream chocolate chip.
and believed I heard the shadow skate across the wall,
and a button jumping from my shirt.

What sound of a smile shattered,
or candle growing bashful in the mist?
Are those dust bunnies I heard scurrying around,
or cry of crystalline salt tenderizing my life?

Yesterday I heard a raindrop start a mountain stream
and a window stare through close shuttered eyes.
I was startled to heard a vine drop its lonely grape
and gay mistletoe strangle a lusty oak.
Once I heard dewdrops slide down a feathered leaf,
and an earring dance 'neath blowing brazen hair.

I thought I heard a basket count its forgotten secrets,
and an unplugged lamp praying for a book.
I dreamed I heard a dish enfold some Christmas candies,
and a rocking chair flex its curving arms.
And I heard the blanket, I imagine, sneak upon the floor,
and memory call out my child's name.

but ..

All I heard was your key scraping in the lock,
and the click of furtive light switch
as I feigned expected sleep.


At 11:01 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Greetings all. I was taken into another world with this piece...aware of things I had never thought of...."Yesterday I heard a raindrop starting a mountain stream" really finished me off...wonderful. (Monika)


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