Sunday, July 17, 2005

Water Life

prompted by Lisa's "Troll Saw"

View from Beneath the Flow

I lay beneath the trembling waters of Shea,
caressed by the ever purifying cataracts
and dreams of creation caught in silent pools.

Find my 'memried toes tickled in the Goddess Sea,
with bold fingers of lighning's guiding Mistress tears,
down -- down to the golden sands of humanity.

Find me now in the whispered mists of dawn's delight
and silvered dew drops of love's yearning pain and joy
in which all life is reflected by the Father's gleam.

Pulse with me in roots and veins of this vibration;
send messages of Light to every particle
of flesh and mind and soul in life by right beheld.

And know that my spirit rests beneath the spring,
where everflows the song and laughter of birth --
or just a leaf swirling in an eddy of faith.


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