Monday, August 01, 2005

Eversong -3

My upcoming wedding will have drums involved,
much to the consternation of 'fundy' friends,
who have fogotten ...

At this joining, not only of Em and I,
but of humanity and spirit in all who
will bear witness --
will be the pulse of blood, and nature --
in tune with the rhythm of the stars.

There will be other music too, but ...
"Whenever two or more are joined
in the name of Love, our Lord will be there" --
and he will dance as he did at a wedding long ago.


Walk in the mists of Sakin’el
and feel the pulse of the silent breeze.
Some are driven to gather sticks
or slap their knees, or sing a tune.

The rhythm is the EverSong;
the greeting of the morning sun,
the whispers of the silver moon,
and the feather touch of Tegsh.

Fetch your drum and play along,
mumble a chant or sing a song.
Gather late by the Joining Fire,
or just dance on yearning grass.

Come, oh yes come to Sakin’el,
where the fading evening hush
magick’ly changes from throbbing drums
to strummed guitars and memories.

For the music here is laughter,
drawn from gentle inner peace,
and candles flicker in fine applause
to the joining of heart and hand.


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