Friday, January 21, 2005

Active Imagination

Now I have plenty of material on Active Imagination, which I have told you about, but I would like everyone to google and find out what they can about it. If you can afford to purchase a copy of Robert Johnson's Inner Work that would be wonderful but it is not essential. I will be using it and some other Jungian material I have as reference material as I work out some techniques we need to learn.

To prepare.

Relax! Close your eyes and take a few moments to imagine a big dog.
Allow a few moments for the image of a big dog to come into your mind
and then record what presents itself.

Share what presents itself. You do not have to write an essay - you
can just make some notes.

We will compare how we respond for everyone responds differently.
Some people will literally see a dog while others will think about
one in words.


At 7:09 AM, Blogger Fran said...

I have wandered today to this delightful place, been inspired by Winnie's memories, wondered at the imagination of each of the writers.

I need not close my eyes for long for I am six, the smallest kid in school, and, perhaps, the most readily spared. My teacher sends me across the road to fetch some small thing from her things at Fennells house. I'm proud to be given an important task and bravely (I think) cross the road and down the lane. I go up the steps and knock on the Fennel's door. Suddenly from around the corner, barking at full strenght and with the a deep growl leaps the huge shepherd. And I, startled and with a cry start to run as fast as any six-year-old. I tear toward the gate, but path is narrow and the huge dog leaps onto my shoulders driving me to the dark ground. Gladys appears. The dog is removed, quieted and led away. I cannot tell her thanks for choking or remember why the teacher sent me but to this day I have never entered the gate of a house where as big dog lives without knowing he is safely tied nor do I pass without fear a gate that might open and let out the barking dog behind.

I see and hear that Alsation and feel his breath over and over again. Fran


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