Saturday, June 25, 2005

Compliance -- but you may not like it

as requested --
a poem based on the line;

"drawn by the vibrations of our hatred"

The pulsing, throbbing drumbeat in my beleaguered soul
Is not in tune with the nat'ral rhythm of earth and moon,
But drawn from insistent pounding of senseless hatred
Into ev'ry heart and mind by those who worship power.

Am I to be a martyr on a funeral pyre
As the fragile structure of our freedom is kindled
By savage vengeance and unreasoned bigotry,
Until naught is left but the embers of forgotten justice?

A last moment’s eternity before a rushing death
Is aspired to be of prayers and impassioned pleas,
For sure release from naïve doubt and peaceful swell of faith,
To guide us forth on rightful wings unto ennobled skies.

But a soul’s divine search does sway before an ego’s claim
Upon a guest for purpose and proud relevance of self.
Is this world enriched somewhat or put to helpless shame
By my tiny thoughts of wisdom never suited for dusty shelf?

Who will stand up to plead for peace, a place I scarcely fill?
Pray do not count my carcass charred among the moving voice
That screams for reasoned vengeance; rhetoric stench of practiced drill
For steeds ready saddled in the field, and knights who do rejoice.

I had thought that to leave no mark was sign of living hell.
Please scratch my name from life's list and dare not cry for me,
Rather than I provide spur or lash to support vengeance's knell
And be held up by false principle as banner for the free.

Grind my life to forgotten dust 'tween stones of greed and power
As freedom is reduced to a whimper, mercy but a thought,
But do not use my humanity as a prop for ego's horror,
Protect me Lord from savagery, this terror we have bought.

papa faucon


At 3:24 PM, Blogger Believer said...

"Protect me Lord from savagery, this terror we have bought."

It's a painful time we live in. I'm reading a beautifully written book on B&N book discussion called Evidence of Things Unseen by Marianne Wiggins. It covers the period between the wars and has, within the love story, the upsurge of science and ultimately the bombing of Japan.

It reminds me how many times my parents and others of the WWII generation said with great sadness that they prayed one day that act wouldn't be returned to us. We look with such disbelief at what's happening now and since 9/11 and say we can't understand how terrorists can be willing to murder innocent people. We forget the two cities and the lives we destroyed, or we just don't put it in the same context.

"Who will stand up to plead for peace?" Good question. I find myself signing petitions and trying to keep more harm being done by an administration that feels so justified and self righteous.

Believer--the optimist--who grew up when the good guys wore white hats--


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