Friday, January 21, 2005

The Beginning

The Beginning

When I first heard of the mines I wasn’t that exited to check it out. But something caught my attention reading Heather’s mail about the Alluvial Mines and in that moment I was captivated. There was something like an invisible string that pulled me towards it. A voice, a soothing voice, was calling me also from the far lands that surround the mines. That’s how I found myself in front of the entrance of the Alluvial Mines.

A beautiful woman dress in a sheer blue dress, with golden wavy hair and skin as soft as a feather came out of the mine. She smile and her green eyes shined like stars. She was even more beautiful when she smiled.

‘You have arrived!’ -she said excited. It seems as she was expecting me all this time. Maybe she was the voice I heard calling me, urging me to visit. I didn’t now what to say. What to answer for I was just passing by. I was moved by curiosity to see this place and since I was not interested in a mine I was surely not staying for too long.

She open a wooden box big enough to have sorts of things there. She took a paper out and gave it to me.

‘This is the map to the Alluvial Mines. Look at it very carefully for in it resides secret pathways and extraordinary passages.’

I looked at the map and it seems simple enough. At mere sight I did not see anything extraordinary. I rapidly touch the large vein of the mine that crossed the map and felt like it was empty. So I looked at her in dismay but said nothing.

“You will find your way trough the mine soon enough. But before going in, you have to and must prepare. It is important to prepare ones path before embarking in a new journey. Every traveler knows this, so you must know it too.’

‘What do I have to do?’ –I asked excited and with curiosity in my heart. Curiosity is a special feeling that not only cats, that I’m sure do not die because of it, and children have. Is inside my heart and mind, it is what makes me dare to try new things.

‘What is your name and who are you?’ –asked I

Smiling once again and with cheerfulness in her voice she answered- ‘Well, I’m The Keeper of the Entrance. I welcome new travelers that decide to give a change to their lives and become miners. I help them prepare before entering the mine, as I will do with you.’

She was so clean and radiant she looked like she did not belong in a mine.

‘I know what you’re thinking’

‘You are?’

‘I do not look like I belong here. That is because I do not work in the mine that is not my purpose. Besides, a good receptionist must look her best while greeting the new comers. Don’t you think?’

‘Yes’ –I responded a little lost

‘Know, like I said before I’m here to help you prepare. So follow me.’


‘To “All important preparations” land! It is an entrance to all that you need and will require in this new journey in your life as a miner. There you will find all sorts of places and images even a relaxing place to take a warm bath. Witch you may have any time you like. This is a place where you will face and find your inner self and the words with in.’

‘It sounds charming’ –said I smiling

‘Then come on, let’s go!’

She took my hand and show me a path surrounded by lovely trees leaving the entrance to the mine behind. At the end of the path, that was covered with leaves and made a crouching sound while we walked, there was an old iron gate. When we reach it she turned to me, kissed me in the forehead and told me: ‘Now, do as you may and prepare yourself, for the mining is not an easy task and your soul has to be strong. When you are ready to begging mining come out, close the gate behind you and meet me at the entrance were I’ll be waiting for you.’

‘You are not coming with me!’ –I said sadly to her for in this very short time I have spent with her I have become fund of her.

‘No dear this is something you have to do for yourself. Besides you will find company in there.’ –she caressed my chick and continued- ‘I have to go know. New miners are arriving soon and I have to welcome them. So I will see you soon. Be blessed, be loved and be in peace.’

Saying that she left disappearing along the path we came and returning to the entrance of the mine she keeps.

There I was in front of that old iron gate called “All important preparations”. Smiling to myself and full of courage I open it and went in. The first thing I saw was a manhole.



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