Thursday, June 30, 2005

In Stages

Gleaned from Alexandra

"The world is full of stages.
Here where I stand is mine!"

These thoughts are meant to 'add to'
the fine, heartfelt words above --
yet also to give a different view
that all may savor here thoughts and words.

By Stages

The world is full of stages,

here where I stand is mine --
yet as I dance the Goddess tune,
the world may then swirl me by.

Each new word is lonely
as scene on a static page --
and the audience must see
the stages of creativity.

Thus, I must write in stages,
rather than a bounded page,
for with each word made manifest
I am a different person.

A poem is a birthing,
attended with blood and pain;
and the resulting Child of Light
cherished beyond form and rhyme.

This child is its own reward,
Though others may bill and coo.
By faith alone I do the work,
and know that some heart will sing.

It is the silent applause
of inner balance and peace,
That gives plot and theme and setting
real purpose -- Light upon the stage.



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