Friday, January 21, 2005

The First Step

I came out of the ‘All important preparations’ land full of energy and ready to start digging in the Alluvial Mines. Before coming out I took a well deserve Japanese Bath/Shower, since I don’t have a bath, and feel invigorated and my whole body relaxed and free from stress or any other distraction that might hurt me or slow me down.

As a companion I have a shadow who I named Ela. I found her the first day I arrived at this place inside a manhole. Since then we have grow a lot keeping each other company. I talked to her a little about what I knew of the Alluvial Mines and she asked to see the map. I gave it to her and she stared at it for a while. Suddenly Ela smiled like she knew something I did not. She sat beside me and in a whispering voice said to me:

“Look closely and with your index finger look for the gold that is hidden.”

I looked at her and her eyes turn to the map. So I did as she told me. I put my index finger at the beginning of the map and started going down. When my finger touched the beginning point of the vein it glittered like gold under the rays of the sun. I smiled amazed with what I had found so I kept going slowly down the vein. What I found was wonderful. I was discovering digging sites inside the mine; places were I might find gold.

“Thank you!” –I said to Ela.

“You are most welcome.”

“It is time for us to go and meet with The Keeper of the Entrance.”

So we left the ‘All important preparations’ land behind and went to the entrance to start our digging. Once there we found the Keeper dress as always and with a lovely smile on her face.

“I'm so glad to see you again! I see you have found your companion” –she said while looking at Ela. It seems that this woman has a gift of knowing things ahead of time. She might be from the Oracle of Delphi send here to the new haven to keep the miners safe. Or she might have been sent by the muses. Who knows!

“We’re here to go inside the mines” –said I boldly and brave.

“Not just yet I think” –said the Keeper sharply back at me.

“I’m not?” –I said astonished. I didn’t understand for I knew I was ready to start digging and look for gold. How come all of the sudden I’m not!

“Ah, don’t look sad know! You are ready is just that you need a little nap while Ela and I prepare everything you need for your mining.”

“Doesn’t she need to rest too?”

“Ela has been trapped in that manhole of yours for to long. She wants to live every single second she gets her hands on. You, on the other hand, are the one with a mortal body and those needs to rest. So follow me, please, I’ll take you to see Morpheus.”

“Morpheus, the God of Sleep!” –I exclaimed surprised.

“Precisely. Aren’t you a fan of his? I asked because you love to sleep a lot.”

“I guess so” –I said smiling and catching up with her sense of humor.

We left Ela at the entrance smelling a white flower that grew between the roots of an old tree. We walked trough another path but this time surrounded by delicate violet flowers and green grass on our feet. At the end there was a wooden cottage smoke coming out of its chimney. When we entered it a huge black man dress in a velvet cream color robe was in front of the chimney. He walked toward us and said:

“So this is the new miner. She is one of my favorites. She’s a fan.” –he said excited in a sweet voice.

“I know sir” –said the Keeper half smiling- “She will be staying with you for a while. I’ll come back for her when I have finished preparing her instruments.”

“Good!” –exclaimed Morpheus with a big smile in his face- “I have prepared a room for you with a special blanket. Also, I know you like coffee but I have prepared hot chocolate for you.”

“Thank you” –I said a little confused since he knows I like coffee he should know it does not keep me awake. But maybe is just that he likes hot chocolate more than coffee since he is the God of Sleep and coffee has a bad reputation of taking him out of the job.

“There is something important you need to know about the mines” –said the Keeper- “There’s a place called ‘El Dorado’ and is has nothing to do with the Disney movie you like so much. While it has certain similarities to the Latin-American Indian legend, it is very different from what the Spaniards thought they could find there. Some say they still looking for it, poor souls! –said the Keeper in a secretly fashion.

She continued- “This ‘El Dorado’ that resides within the mine is the place you need to find. Know, while you rest think of it and what you might find in it. That is all you need to do for know. Pleasant dreams!”

The Keeper left closing the door behind her. I looked at Morpheus who was standing beside an open door with a cup of hot cocoa in his big hand. I went to him and he said:

“Know sleep well and rest because you will need it.”

He gave me the cup and I entered the room. It looked very cosy with a huge soft bed in the middle. I sat on it and drank my cocoa. Lay down and covered myself with a quilt full of stars and moon.

“What is ‘El Dorado’?” –I though. I keep seeing that movie in my head every time I think of ‘El Dorado’. Let’s see, what kind of place my ‘El Dorado’ might be? Would it be a place full of building made of pure gold?

My thoughts were killing me. I was lost with this thing having no idea of what it was. Only a place I had to look for. Suddenly I felt sleepy and my eyes closed. In the obscure darkness I saw my thoughts in the form of white words. A question emerge “Why did the Spaniards wanted to find ‘El Dorado’?”

In my sleepiness I answered: “To be rich.” Instantly a bright light cover the darkness and the words disappeared. I was left with myself understanding the magnitude of my answer. It was to become richer as a wordsmith, the goal for this digging and the search for ‘El Dorado’. I was not afraid and I was ready to become a miner.

As I felt into a deep sleep I smile proud of myself for I was a step closer to ‘El Dorado’.



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