Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Extraction Methods

Crevice Mining

When first starting, crevice mining offers an easy and inexpensive way to get started. Gold is heavy. It finds its way into the nooks and crannies of the bedrock. Therefore, these are good places to look. To mine crevices you will need:

1) long tablespoon
2) long teaspoon
3) old flathead screwdriver with the tip bent at a ninety degree angle 2" to 3" from the end
4) tweezers - to pick out the gold flakes and nuggets
5) wide mouth plastic jar or bottle - to put gold in
6) small magnet - to separate gold from black sands
7) small shovel - I prefer a folding army style shovel which can act as a pick or shovel
8) small hand pick
9) garden trowel
10) flashlight
11) small metal bucket - to carry tools to the site, to sit on if need be, to carry rock to nearby stream
12) gold pan

Find a crevice in area you think has gold. For ideas on locations go to where the gold is. Dig out the crevice using your small shovel, trowel, and spoons. You may need to loose the dirt or enlarge the crevice with the bent screwdriver or hand pick. REMEMBER, gold is heavy and likes to gravitate to the bottom of the crevice, so don't give up too easily. Place all of the extracted material (rocks, plants, clay, etc) in your pan or bucket and carry it to the nearest stream. Now, you are ready to pan for gold!

Describe a prospecting or extraction method that you have discovered works quite well here in the word mine.


At 2:23 AM, Blogger Lois said...

Now I was just thinking that if I was fit enough to carry all that is needed to start mining for gold I would love to give it a go .
I have a good idea ,I have seen old cowboy movies from the USA...Firstly buy a donkey,not only will it carry you to the spot, but also carry all those much needed tools for finding gold.

This done I set out..............
Lois and her Donkey..............

I travelled to the small town of Clunes in Victoria,not far from Ballarat where gold was first discovered in Victoria,
I got out of my car and wandered along the main street..not much except very old shops, a bit of a sleepy hollow..I saw a sign that said"Tourist Information"TI for short.
I felt a bit of a dill going in and asking for a donkey ,but who else could I ask.
She was very nice ,didn't look at all surprised ,gave me the name of a small property about 2 miles out of town on a country road that went toward Ballarat.
I found the property,a little run down but homely looking and I did notice that on a side block of land stood several donkeys
I knocked ,and the door was opened by a little old man(Just what I needed in my life) I explained my need to hire a donkey to go prospecting for gold in the area.I had a map I told him that I had purchased from the State Library in Melbourne....
"They wouldn't know gold if they fell in the hole where it was "he said."That map's no good, waste of paper"
With that he said he has the best map there is,I am an old miner he said in a proud voice....
"Come in" I shall show you just where to go ,its only a few miles from here and I can drop you off the donkey" So I stepped inside the old house ,bit silly I thought ,but my enthusiasm knew no bounds,caution to the wind I said.....
Cup of tea made ,and a marie biscuit, we sat and chatted like old friends,not about mining at first but about the state of the nation and his view of the present government ...No we were not compatabile politically..he right wing, me left wing........
So to the map and mining for gold .....I told him I had all the tools I needed as per list from Madame Muse from 1 to 12.
I cannot repeat his words to some of the items on the list except to say that the tweezers might be ok for eyebrows but for gold flakes, no.......
The map given to me by Ozzie (that was his name) was very simple. 1 main road,a few trees,1 left turn 2 right turns ,look for lots of hillocks of gravel where others had tried their luck and Bob's your uncle (This is an old I think Australian saying) meaning everything is ok.....you made it
So I said to Ozzie "Then you think I won,t need the donkey" "Oh yes he said you can only get in to the site with a 4 wheel drive (4/4") and as my car was only a Hyuandi Getz it was useless he said,
"How far in is the mine "I said "Only about 10 miles" said Ozzie "Not far ,hop ,step and a jump "he said.........Ten miles on a donkey was not my idea of mining for gold........

Now the continuation of this story will be tonight when,I have finished my market shopping etc... so hold your breath for the final episode

At 4:23 AM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

Ah Lois. That Madame Muse person, with her list from 1 -12 certainly seems to know how to draw a story out of someone. And she didn't even have to take her hardy tweezers out of their bag. Bravo!

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Lois said...

Lois and her Donkey (Cont)PART.2.Which may be out of order sorry about that.........
Well off we set,Ozzie ,me and the donkey.
I followed him in his ute & trailer with the donkey tied in the back....After about 20 miles we stopped & turned in off the road to a spot well worn by previous vehicles.
" This is it" said Ozzie as we parked.Throwing a very thin small saddle on the donkey as he led him from the trailer,then two saddle bags were attatched to the sides and I was told to put in all my bits and pieces from 1 to 12.
I grabbed my bottle of water,Ozzie saying "You won,t need that ,there's a stream at the pit with fresh water"...but I took it just in case,also my bag of dried fruit, cheese and bickies....
"Now" said Ozzzie "You must be out by 4pm tonight and I will be here to pick you up,that gives you about 5 hours digging around the stream and by then your back will tell you enough is enough"You will be buggered".
Being short this donkey was my sort of horse, I could get on him without a step ladder.
With my map,old felt hat,all my goodies I was ready to go".What if I get lost or in trouble" I said to Ozzie....".No worry love" he said"Pharlap will bring you back to this spot,he knows his way blindfolded,done it a hundred times before" This made me feel better,a donkey with a sense of direction,something I have been accused of not having after getting lost very easily when leaving my home town of Port Melbourne.
So with a slight kick in the rump Pharlap and I were off on a sunny, but not hot day, just outside of Clunes.........
It was a bit hard on my underparts ,but not too bad as we travelled very slowly on the flat ground....It seemed a long long time ,firstly turning left then twice right and as the map was showing......It took us about 2 hours to get to the spot and when we arrived the donkey knew and slowed down.
Rough,old gum trees lined the creek ,enough shade for Pharlap. On alighting I tied him to the low branch of the tree where there was an empty old bucket that I filled with water for him.
Now remembering all that Ozzie had told me about panning for gold I emptied out my saddle bags with items 1 to 12 and placed them on the bank of the creek beside me...
I started digging in the cool water filling my gold pan ,then washing through the waters of the creek,nothing glittered so I kept trying over and over ,lots of stones,gravel,clay but no gold.
After an hour and a half I stopped and tried to stand up ,blimey was my back aching ,was I stiff ,why didn't I do this when I was younger I thought.I had a bite to eat and gave Pharlap a bickie or two which he liked.....Back to panning...................
I moved up the creek some 20/30 yards or so to see if I faired better ...after about the 6th go as I washing my pan I spotted a bright little gold pebble ,so exited I washed it and washed it till it was completly clean of clay and held it up to the sun.....it was gold,I matched it against my engagement ring and it looked the same.....So into my little plastic bottle I popped it.
I was elated and moved even further up the little stream where the banks consisted of big rocks ,so I took my trowel and dug between them loosening the small bits of gravel in between.
I then put them in my pan took them down and washed them,but no luck ,I repeated this over and over ....
Not noticing the time until it became a little chilly & looking at my watch it was 3.00pm...God I thought I'll never get back by 4.pm......I had come further down the stream than I realised....
Running back I gathered up all my goods,packed the saddle bags,hopped onto Pharlap ,making sure I had my little plastic bottle safley in the pocket of my trousers.....Off we trotted into a bit of a slow gallop. I think my donkey knew we were running late.
We arrived 1/2hr after the time that Ozzie said he would pick us up.He didn't look phased and said "They all do it,they all get so excited they forget the time,no worries" said Ozzie.
Without another word Pharlap was loaded onto the trailer ,tied safely ready to go home ,back to the farm.
"Now" said Ozzie "How did you go any luck" Yup I said"What about this ,do you think it is real gold" I pulled out my little plastic bottle and showed Ozzie my newly found gold nugget. !.
"Wow" said Ozzie "That is a mighty nice little piece of the good stuff,worth about $100.00 give or take....
So by the time I paid Ozzie for the loan of the donkey Pharlap,the petrol to get up to Clunes and my bits and pieces from 1 to 12 as directed by Madame Muse I was out of pocket by at least $50.00
I had an adventure that cannot be measured in terms of dollars and cents ...I had experienced one more new thing in my life ,that surely would spur me on to greater heights,and it gave me confidence that you are never to old to pan for gold and have a try at riding a donkey.....

Lois(Muse of the Sea)


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