Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another View

With little to 'glean' onto, I'll post
another part of Sakin'el -- the Wood Henge.
Only three arches made of 8' cherry logs,
but the site of weddings, sunrise mass,
and just drifting.

Henge Moon

The arches stretch a little taller
beneath the cloudless moonlit sky,
but not because of the Mistress – no!
just knowing you are here beside me.

The shadows grow short and round about
in an ancient dance with Henge and all,
and the glade swoops down in hollowed bliss
to gather the songs of the night and dreams.

The rough bark sketches fairy signatures
on shadows that smile and hide away,
and my love is written in whispered rhyme
of slow pacing moon and starlit eyes.

This is the place of Joining and Light,
and as two hold hands and circle ‘bout,
all friends are with us in fine applause,
and the warmth of the moon fine indeed.



At 7:48 AM, Blogger Edwina Peterson Cross said...


faucon, did you figure out how to post pictures? Did my explanation make any sense at all?

Your words paint the Wood Henge beautifully, but I'd love to see a photo as well at some point . . .

I've rather got a "THING" about henges of all persuasions.


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