Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My Adventure Topside

I received my map and invitation to the gathering on the bluffs for the meeting of the Alluvial Miners. I spend a lot of time in the valleys and mines, so I thought I'd take my motorcycle, which I rarely ride nowadays and take a trip up to visit my new friends.
Of course I got lost, why I haven't ended up on the other side of the world now is a mystery to me! It's all about maps down in the mines and following directions. Did I mention my eyesight is poor too? But really, who needs to see in the dark. You sort of have to feel your way and follow your gut; which is something I CAN do very well, thank you very much.
When I reached the bluff the winds were starting to blow hard and wouldn't you know it? It started to rain a little but that's okay. The little gathering place was above a lookout with a wooden fence to keep you away from the crumbling edge that fell to the Sea and rocks below.
So I hopped up and took a look down.
Very cool.
Do you know that when the tide comes in and bashes up against those black rocks below it looks exactly like the sky on a stormy day?
The trees here aren't lush and green, they're always fighting something off, fog, and winds, whatever ever else that comes up out of the sea and makes for the woods surrounding the cafe. So they're very tall and worn and gray. They remind me of these men who's biker brother died many years ago.
I planned the funeral and right in the middle of the service at this old fashion lovely church I could hear some sort of bottle roll down under the pews and one of them jumped up and yelled, " have some respect you sons of b*&^ we're in church you A&^%@#!
I'm not sure why I should think of those men and those trees as being the same. They're old, tough and defiant I guess. So they are the same.
If you go back away from the bluff, it's a little quieter and the Sea doesn't seem as loud and the wind isn't as insistent.
Someone has made a little garden here in the meeting place, there's some logs they've pulled together in the shape of a square, there's even rosemary planted all over the place and these little flowers that I think are forget- me -nots.
Forget-me-nots are my favorites.
It’s easy to see why people come here to write, to talk and be together. It’s warm and alive and growing and safe.
Then I start to think about the bluffs again and the wooden fence and those trees and all the secrets they've learned from the waters below. I wonder what they've seen? Do yo think if I go back I might walk away with a hint of those memories? I hope so... it's those whispers I love to listen to.
I can hear the others coming up the path now I think about going back to that wildness and I start to loose myself in the stories I could hear in those whispers. Then I hear laughter, real laughter. It's very nice, like when the sun comes out after a storm...plenty of which I've seen. Nothing is like that sight let me tell you.
No, I think I'll stay here for a while and listen to that laughing and talking. I don’t hear much laughter in the place I’I have come from. Maybe I'll even be part of it. So I’ll stay until I get called back. I’ll stay as long as I can.


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