Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thoughts on Dowsing.....

Thoughts on Dowsing

My aunt says that my great-grandfather was a dowser, or a “water-witch,” a person who used divining rods to locate underground water. She says that her son, my cousin, has successfully dowsed for water, and she herself tried it once, only to scare herself silly when the rods actually began moving.

Because I am a more scientific person than a superstitious one, I decided to give it a try myself, mainly to debunk the experience; however, a little bit of me was open minded enough to be receptive to anything. So I fashioned myself a pair of brass rods and began moving around my apartment. Interestingly, the rods crossed whenever I got near electronic equipment—my television, my computer, a halogen lamp. Since I had previously heard dowsing rods supposedly cross whenever they are near energy sources, I surmised that I was merely unconsciously moving the rods myself to accommodate what I already knew.

The supposed purpose of divining rods is to search for things hidden deep—water, gold—or for things hidden beyond—spirits, paranormal energies. Perhaps dowsing is merely an outward manifestation of some deep seated motivation all humans have to get to the heart of themselves—looking for some inner golden nugget of validation, or seeking the waters of understanding deep in the recesses of the psyche.

Whether or not my ancestor was a real dowser (my dad, contrary to my aunt, says he wasn’t), the experience for me proved an insightful one, both experientially and metaphorically. By the way, I didn’t throw out the rods I fashioned—they are nearby in case I feel the need to go searching for “hidden gold” again.

Lori Gloyd © April 21, 2006.


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